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Renegade's Magic book tour, Austin TX

February 7th 2008

Original report and photos by chriSchaeffer, re-published with permission.

We showed up at the Borders in Austin around 6:45 and grabbed two seats on the front row. I really didn't know what to expect and I felt a bit uncomfortable during the reading, but after she greeted us and read some of her new book and a few people asked some questions I started to feel a little more comfortable.

As she wrapped up the questions, we all got in line to get our books signed.It was so exciting to talk to other people who enjoyed the same books that I did. I think it all really clicked for me when a guy made a joke referencing a specific character in the book and everyone laughed together. I've always applied books that I read to my daily life, but to be able to share those thoughts with others... it was a brand new experience for me.

After the book signing was over, we all crossed the parking lot to eat at a local restaurant. We had to do some major table rearranging to get all 12 of us a seat. I started out with a mission to ask her specific questions about her books, but as the conversations began to roll my focus changed from being "fact finding" to really just enjoying the experience.

I think what really changed my mind about what meeting an author is all about was when Robin was asked about a specific part of one of her books and she replied that she was undecided on the issue herself and she felt like it was something we really have to make our own decision on. When a character can become so complex, so real, that it can take a form in which the creator can't completely understand, that just blows my mind. I think it is the beauty of reading that keeps bringing me right back to my reading chair as soon as I finish a book.

In closing, it was a wonderful day and I got to meet not only my hero, but I also got to meet a lot of very interesting people that have the same passion for reading that I do.


Chris, Brooke and Robin
Robin Hobb meetup at a restaurant