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This is a non-profit fansite with no copyright infringement intended. That said, if one of the copyright owners contacs me about anything that should be removed, I will certainly do that. Being a fan doesn't mean being a nuisance.

The layout art is used with a permission from the artist Maija Pietikäinen.

The graphics used on the buttons are pieces of John Howe's illustrations. Here are the conditions John Howe has set for using his artwork on web sites. I believe this site meets them.

Site info

This site is part of and It was made on a Macintosh with Photoshop 7 and BBEdit. The fanlisting management script is Enthusiast.
The text buttons were made with the brilliant button maker and all the codes are managed with PHPCodeSort. I have tried to make the site any browser-friendly.

You can contact me at memoriesATtheplentyDOTnet

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the fool by maija pietikäinen